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The environment is the third teacher. A naturally brightly lit, well ventilated and open space with many materials allows children investigation opportunities to drive their own learning. Teachers facilitate this process by asking questions and guiding their investigation.


Just as in our classrooms, our outside areas are focused on different skill bulding opporunities for children. The envrionment plays a key role in helping children challenge themselves when they are ready. The variety of engagement activities, group, individual and team allow children to grow in many dimensions while keeping them engaged. This helps build self-regulation skills for life long success.

Physics Playground

This playground includes a play structure that has been intentionally designed to provide a variety of skill level activites so children can advance at their own pace. The natural materials stay cool when it’s hot out and canopies shade the 5 separate decks. The activities are different than those offered at public parks locally. There are 11 differnt ways up, 5 ways down and 4 bridges for children to explore. Click here for a photo of the play structure built and ready to ship in the factory.


Play Care Learning Center is a ground up preschool. There is a covered area for drop off/pick up of children, background music in the same area, 100% video coverage inside and out, plugs that are as far out of reach as building codes will allow, automatic sliding doors for parents convenience, electronic check-in, electronic records and many more.


If you haven't already been able to discern, a lot of forethought went into planning, designing and anticipating needs of Play Care Learning Center children and staff. There is a reason for the way our building looks, not just because it looks cool. There is a reason we have different playgrounds and there is a reason we chose a Reggio Emilia inspired curriculum. The reason we've done all these things is to provide what is the best experience for childrens' growth and development based on all the latest research available today.

Regional Impact

We are owner operaters and care deeply about all children. Our hope is to elevate the level of care and experience all children receive in our area. We are here to help and share with other centers our methods and tools.

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