I hear, and I forget.     I see, and I remember.     I do, and I learn.

Ancient Chinese Proverb


Hi, we are Brian and Bonnie Lee. We are holding our daughter Rose who was born in May of 2017 in front of Play Care Learning Center, which was under construction at the time. It was an almost 4 year journey to get to that point but we are happy we are providing the best early childhood education experience for children in the Sacramento area. Our passion, dedication and hard work have allowed us to make this dream a reality. We invite you to learn about our programs.


We are a Reggio Emilia inspired program. We don’t strictly follow the philosophy but adjust it to today’s realities with working parents. Reggio Emilia’s approach to learning is described as student-centered and project based utilizing self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments.
It draws many similarities to Montessori such as mixed ages in classrooms, child focused and keeping students together as they progress but differs by being project focused and social skills oriented. Problem solving and conflict resolution are also key focus areas.
Research has shown that social skills and problem solving skills are the most important indicator of future life success at this age. Many child development centers around the State have moved to this approach. We believe play is the work of children and is the basic way in which young children gain knowledge. Just as teachers use instructional techniques for reading, preschool teachers plan opportunities for spontaneous play, guided play, directed play, or investigative play to teach new skills and concepts. Our preschool program is designed to encourage learning through play, hands-on activities, and small and large group discovery time.


Play Care Learning Center is devoted to providing a loving, safe, supportive and educational environment for children ages six weeks to six years. We provide a home away from home where children are encouraged to develop their own intellectual, social, moral, emotional and physical skills. Our goal is to allow children to grow and develop their character in a meaningful way. The Play Care Learning Center staff is committed to the families we serve by providing value added services as well as support and encouragement for all involved.

A Local Family Owned Business Serving the West Roseville Community

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