Q. Are you affiliated with the church next door?
A. We are not affiliated with the church next door.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. To view our pricing you'll need to go to our enrollment page by clicking the enrollment link in the navigation bar. You will need to create an account. Our prices are in-line with other similar providers in the area.

Q. Can I schedule a tour?
A. Of course! Please give us a call at 916-746-9960.

Q. What programs do you offer?
A. Our Program page offers details on our programs. Be sure to check out our infographics on our playgrounds and classrooms.

Q. Do you serve food?
A. Yes, we offer healthy morning and afternoon snacks and lunch meals. For half day children, no lunch is provided.

Q. Do you have a waitlist?
A. We have no waitlist at this time, however we have limited availability in our infant program as of March 11th.

Q. Are you hiring?
A. Yes! As we grow, we are adding staff monthly. If interested in submitting an application, please call the school at 916-746-9960.

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American River Early Childhood Education

The local community college where Play Care Learning Center keeps current on the latest research.

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